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Program: Holistic Reflexology

Location: Calgary

Dates: see website www.cchh.ca

Length: 10 Friday Evenings or 5 Saturdays


Reflexology is the study of reflex points on the feet which reflex points of the feet. When this energy flow is blocked correspond to each organ and system in the body. One of the theories of reflexology suggests that energy flows from vital organs and systems through channels in the body and terminate to form the by stress, tension or congestion, disease occurs. By massaging these reflex points, the person is relaxed, the circulation improves and the blockages are broken down, harmony and energy balance within the body are restored.

In this course we will discuss the theories, practical skills, psychological and physical health benefits of this ancient art of natural healing which has been accepted by the public worldwide and holistic care professionals and individual medical doctors.

We also include in this course how to incorporate reflexology with other related subjects such as shiatsu and acupressure, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, indications and contraindications.

You will be introduced to a variety of different methods, allowing you to compare the advantages and disadvantages of different techniques (most schools in Canada, US, Europe teach only one technique). This will allow you to choose which techniques you like the best. Some of these techniques are:

  1. Canadian and American procedures and techniques
  2. German procedures and techniques
  3. British procedures and techniques
  4. French procedures and techniques
  5. Japanese (Shiatsu) procedures and techniques
  6. Chinese (Acupressure) procedures and techniques
  7. Combinations of the best of these methods, plus your instructors' own perfected procedure and techniques
  8. Applied techniques of excellence: combinations of best methods plus Kneipp system of Hydrotherapy, introduction to Aromatherapy, Stress Management, and Headache Relief. 
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